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“You’re a storyteller! Write a book, write a short story, write a letter, write a poem. Write anything – just write!”

It’s only when you start unravelling the threads of your existence that you find your way back to where things all began.

It’s like a thousand mini Eureka moments in reverse and when you piece them all together, all of a sudden you realise exactly how and why you got here.

Words have always been my everything and I’m excited to know that they’re going to play a very big and very important role in my future.

Mindless Mag has evolved into a female-led, digital start-up focused on nurturing talent for the future of fashion communications. We have a growing international readership, our brand presence is booming and people lining up to take part in our global micro-internship program.

Our ideas are big and we’re moving fast, collaborations are unfolding and just nine months in and we’re already rocket launching ourselves forward to success.

And I just know that big, big things are around the corner.

Maybe she predicted my future or maybe she created it, maybe she saw something in me that I couldn’t see back then, a calling of some sort. Whatever it was, my Grandma — The Idol — was right.

And it’s nothing short of magic that in her last few wheezy breaths, her final words to me were these;

“Colours”, she said.

“Do you remember that poem you wrote when you were little? It was called Colours. I loved that poem. That was a marvellous poem. I still have that poem somewhere… yes, Colours it was called”.

I have no idea why that poem came into her thoughts at that moment, but it did.

All I know is that wherever she is now, she’ll be proud of me – and while my world is filled with words, I hope hers is filled with colours.

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