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I was a Dopamine Junkie, high on my own mindlessness.

I’d spent over ten years living out my dream working for big global brands, making money to squander, carelessly consuming things I didn’t need and building up an eclectic wardrobe collection large enough to clothe a small country.

Then, when a series of events took place and the pillars that were holding me up started to crumble away, Destiny handed over a blank canvas on which to scribble out my next chapter.

from Corporate to Conscious

It feels like I’ve pressed the factory settings reset button on life.

A storm of stars are colliding into one another; a trillion serendipitous moments that on their own just look like tiny coincidences, but as the story unfolds, every star has emanated in the form of a character, a glance, a smile, a word uttered, a move made, a feeling felt and they’re all playing pivotal roles in this clever little script that is life.

I’ve said goodbye to the world I once knew and took a one-way flight to Chiang Mai with no more than a few pennies in the piggy bank.

So here I am, on some sort of never-ending gap year for geriatrics, learning how to be a Digital Nomad, a Conscious Consumer and a Master of my own Mind, satisfying my inner Wanderlust and meeting Heroes along the way.

It’s all just about doing good stuff to be a better me.


  1. Mr. Mel 2 December 2018

    And you can’t go wrong being a better you. Enjoy the journey.🙏🙏❤️

    • allmyheroesareweirdos 2 December 2018 — Post author

      my thoughts exactly!! and thank you for the lovely words!

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