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Sustainability Is A Scary Word

When we launched Mindless Mag back in January we started with goodness – a genuine desire to make a difference.

For now, our plan is to focus on growing our brand, gaining readership and developing an online presence, but we do have plans to monetise eventually. After all, you can’t be promoting Fair Trade practices if you’re not being fair to yourself.

And while we may one day conjure up some form of revenue and get some pennies in the piggy bank, there is absolutely no money in this world worth more than the smile on my face when I read one of our articles.

People from all over the world are sharing their stories and writing to us just to tell us they love what we’re doing.

This one is from Shona Radcliff, a Fashion Communications student based in Liverpool.

Sustainability Is A Scary Word

On the surface, you would assume that I am a sustainable person. I’ve spent hours trawling YouTube for the best ways to go zero waste. I lecture my friends on their leather bags and choosing to have a meat-feast over a margherita. I have metal straws for god’s sake. Yet despite these efforts, my fashion choices are far from sustainable. 

A couple of weeks ago in University we completed a project on sustainability, and I’m ashamed to say that whilst my tutor was slagging off Missguided and the like for their ‘disgusting’ practices, I was trying to conceal the massive Boohoo parcel in my bag that had been freshly delivered to my door that morning. 

Read more here at Mindless Mag

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