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Without doubt the most bizarre documentary I have ever watched. I’m stuck for appropriate adjectives.


The cinematography is comparable to a telenovela but the script is way under par. It’s got a borderline creepy edge with flickering images of the Vitruvian Man, a mysterious typewriter, dark rooms, quivering candlelight, illustrations of the middle age’s Great Minds and other oddities.

The dinner guests at this remarkable feast are a rather bemusing line up of very stereotypically enthusiastic American authors, philosophers, metaphysicians, entrepreneurs and “visionaries”, and they’ve all brought a dish.

As the guests are seated, we’re served up an amuse-bouche of Rhonda Byrne and how, just as her life was falling to pieces, she discovered “The Secret”. The fact that this all started when she read “The Science of Getting Rich”, wets our pallet for the money-focused main. But first, the starter is plated up…

The Law of Attraction

There’s a lot more to it than this, but it can be easily summarised as: Positive Thoughts = Positive Results.

Think positive things, do positive things and the universe will reward you with more positivity in return.

The “creative process” involved in achieving this is ASK-BELIEVE-RECEIVE.

1. ASK – let the universe know what you want, state your intention
2. BELIEVE – believe that your thoughts will manifest themselves
and 3. RECEIVE – feel it now

There’s so much being passed around, that the main turns into one of those cheap buffets where you have so much choice you end up with a Vietnamese spring roll, a dollop of chow mein, a jerk chicken wing and a yorkshire pudding on your plate.

The camera flits from one speaker to the next with a positivity strapline blurted out from each. Despite a few lashings of philosophy, the overpowering flavour is Money, Money, Money.


Imagine you’re a millionaire and you’ll become one. Build your dream 4.5 million dollar mansion. Get behind the wheel of that car you want. Buy that necklace you’ve been staring at through the shop window for weeks.

Is that really what The Secret is all about?

Is that really what Happiness looks like?

Is the fact that 1% of the world’s population earns 96% of all the money that’s being earned supposed to be aspirational, some sort of incentive?

Personally, I think it’s a pretty sour statistic.

Once I’d got over my disappointment of the focus on pieces of paper  with dead presidents on, I did start to laugh. Call me a sceptic but I find it hard to believe that you can just imagine cheques to be flying at you through the letterbox and they’ll just appear. Although, admittedly, I did give it a try…

The next day I woke up, thinking and believing it was going to happen to me…the postman walked up the path and slapped me back to reality with a bill for three hundred quid. Maybe it was my lack of faith that prevented the universe from handing me those few extra pennies I could do with this month, or maybe I just owed the council some money.

The next one I’m going to try out is telepathic car parking.

Regardless of how this “documentary” is mixed together, the ingredients are real. Mind over Matter. Positive thoughts, positive actions, attracts positive results.

Do good stuff, be a better you.


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