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Every single day it’s like somebody waves a magic wand and fairies sprinkle a glittery gold path for me to follow.

The Law  of Attraction is real and I can no longer deny it.

I can’t even leave my usual one percent for doubt. The evidence is in my feelings and my dreams that keep becoming a reality.  It’s my unwavering optimism that unlocked the door and my open mind that let it in.

a Rose-Tinted spectacle

My childhood was idealistic.

I was wrapped up in cotton wool and showered with Love and encouragement in everything I did.

My Mum created this world of make-believe for us to grow up in where we’d learn and laugh and play and nothing could ever harm us. My Dad gave me this unshakeable drive in everything I did with his words of encouragement. We ate hope for breakfast, joy for lunch and delight for dinner. There was rarely a reason to not be smiling.

We were in our own little bubblegum coloured utopia and Mary Poppins was real.

I wore those rose-tinted glasses until my late twenties, but through the pain and suffering of others around me, I was becoming more and more aware that they were there.

Then I got to see what it felt like to lose them.

It was a tank of polluted thoughts and I’d dived right in, drowning in negativity. There were two of us in there, swimming around creating this never-ending whirlpool of self-inflicted heartache and it was pulling us under.

It took longer than I wanted,  but I got out, I swam to safety and I rested on the shore in a grey daze before the pink hues starting creeping back in.

And I realised my blush-lensed spectacles had been on my head the whole time.

gurus & ANGELs

Rewind two weeks when I was on the phone to my new found Guru in Hong Kong.

We’d reached the very pragmatic conclusion that with a dwindling bank balance of no more than a few hundred quid and four weddings to attend next year, I needed to start looking into jobs that would pay me in more than dragonfruit and coffee.

I reluctantly agreed that I needed to at least investigate real world options, so the next morning,  I opened up my Linkedin…

Low and behold during the twelve hours since our phonecall and me turning on my laptop, I’d received a contact request from the CEO of THE  number one go-to advisory board for one of the software technologies I specialise in.

How is this happening?

It’s like I pray to my Fairy Godmother and she throws down a Mancunian Angel from the Heavens of Opportunity to guide me forward.

Bizarrely serendipitous, I thought.

Thought Leader. INnovator. Transformation artist. 

So fast forward to today; he’s just returned from a two week break and I’m the first person he calls on a Tuesday morning.

Mark Harrop, founder and CEO of WhichPLM had for whatever reason decided to not only contact me at the exact moment I decided to look for opportunities,  but went on to donate to me ninety minutes of his very precious time and inspiring words of wisdom.

We shared life stories,  career paths and fascinating industry updates.

He started his career forty-four years ago at the age of sixteen starting his working life in the cutting room of an old mill in Lancashire before graduating from Oldham College of Technology and quickly working his way up the factory ladder to Production Director .

In the late seventies,  early eighties,  Mark and his colleagues began looking at how technology was used for product design and development in other industries. This was the time when PLM became a catalyst for the catwalk.

In 2007, WhichPLM was born; a digital magazine and analyst firm dedicated to fashion technology. It was my PLM Bible,  a go-to place for riveting articles and fact-based, unbiased information in an industry worth £1.3 trillion.

Consciously Curated

We talked about the series of lightbulb moments that have led me to founding Consciously Curated, a business consultancy, or as he says, resultancy, curating business transformation strategies that help conscious brands grow.

And this is where it gets a little bit magic…

He offered me up the chance to write for WhichPLM.

There won’t be the exchange of cash I’d initially hoped for, but what I do get is worth much more than that; WhichPLM is my stage and it’s going to be a sold-out show.


Don’t give up

Give this everything

Be a resultant,  not a consultant

Live your dream

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