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Day two of reluctantly auctioning off my much loved, barely worn wardrobe beauties.

Every day this week I’m selling my wares away for two very good causes… a) to raise awareness and donate to Fashion Revolution and b) to fuel my Squanderlust Rebellion with a total life cleanse.

I’d like to say I’m going to be as drastic as Colin Wright who’s been travelling the world since 2009 with nothing more than the contents of a shoulder bag, but realistically I take bags that big on a night out with me, so reducing my wardrobes from eleven to seven is about all I can handle for now.


According to the Ancient Greeks, there are seven different types of Love.

There’s Eros, which everybody knows about, named after the Greek god of love and fertility. Then there’s Philautia, something I’m doing my best to focus on right now, which is all about self-love and self-compassion. Then there’s Storge, which is a love that blossoms from familiarity.

This is a Storge kind of Love.

Today’s auction wonder is by See By Chloe,  another I’ve never worn and I’m not even quite sure why.

I used to have a one just like it a few years ago when I was going through a bit of a Mad Men phase, so maybe I bought it for memory’s sake. It’s quite 60s, which is probably one of my favourite decades when it comes to music and fashion.

The 60s was when London made those worlds go round.

This era was all about freedom and creativity. It’s when the runway dictatorship collapsed and gave way to street style influencing upwards. People were breaking free from their post-war shackles, no longer rationing their lives by tear-off coupons.


Brigitte Bardot. All of her. The hair, the bows, the lips, the off-the-shoulder tops, the smile, the high collars, the floppy hats and buttoned-up pantsuits. If there’s one person on this planet I would have happily done a Travolta/Cage Face Off op with, it’s her.

Then the elegant Jackie Kennedy butter-wouldn’t-melt look, classic and understated two-pieces in pastel shades with a hat to match.

Mary Quant influencing catwalks around the world from her boutique on Kings Road, Chelsea. The mini skirt, a risqué bare-all statement that somehow worked well to create a sense of girl-power along side two other 60s inventions that spurred on equality; the drainpipe jean and carpi pants.

And in the later years it was all about the hippy stuff. Psychedelia, neon colours, tie dyes, paisley, flowers in her hair.

But the sixties are well and truly over and I’m not an extra in Mad Men, so it’s time so say bye,  to See By Chloe.

BID HERE and 20% of the final selling price will be donated to Fashion Revolution.

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