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I’m Alive

I’m alive. Everything around me is alive.

I can hear, feel and almost see the vibrations. I am the vibrations, I can feel them within. These are the vibrations, I can feel them without. It’s the gentle,  incessant, hidden humming of life.

My eyes wake before my mind and I can see more vividly than I ever have before.

In the distance, a white light is starting to glow softly  over the veiled edge of earth as Chiang Mai dreams peacefully in the slumbering sanctuary of darkness before it.

Everything is silent and still. The only movement is the gentle rise and fall of my chest as I inhale and exhale the deep and meaningful breaths of gratitude for a new day.

The streets of the Northern capital are empty. There are no whirring cars or motorcycles, no beeping horns or jingling bells, no heckling street stallers and no howling hounds. The dazzlingly bright and colourful city lights are dimmed to nothing but a few clusters of faded bokeh sparkle,  twinkling out the last of their lullabies while their dreams dance off into the shadows.

The air is crisp and still and clean and I can feel my lungs filling up with goodness. I can taste the morning dew and feel the cooling mountain mist on my lips.

Below us only sky

Lifeforce climbs the sky with the warm brilliance of its firey blaze as I watch from the shadows, high up on the wooden veranda stretching out from Doi Suthep.

The once pure white light starts to glow shades of apricot as it creeps up behind the concrete army of urban silhouettes.

Clouds start to appear, or maybe they were always there hiding in the unlit skies. In the distance they are frozen still into peaceful tornadoes, whirling upwards like cotton wool turrets guarding the city from the world outside. Their edges are lined with glittering gold.

Below, a soft layer of haze protects the city; a fluffy white carpet where angels play. And every few minutes, the stillness is broken as the nose of an aeroplane pierces the feathery blanket and soars in slow motion towards the moon.

I stand there mesmerised as the toy plane figure glides one millimetre at a time across the ever-changing backdrop of the dawn’s complexion.

Morning Chorus

As the starry moonlit sky waves goodbye, our never-ending ceiling turns all shades of cerulean and the small glimmer of apricot transforms into a burning ribbon of tangerine that caresses the horizon.

It’s almost like watching a magnificent painting come to life one tiny detail at a time and I’m an onlooker, lurking in the mountain shadows with an attentive eye, appreciating every microscopic move in slow-motion.

Chiang Mai wakes from the sedative serenity of dawn.

Mother Nature is the first to rise from her bed. I notice the contour of a tiny dragonfly as it murmurs on past, the gentle rustling of leaves below and the whispering wings of a butterfly dancing by.

The peaceful silence is broken as birds start to sing one by one until there are thousands of them serenading me in unison with their high-pitched morning chorus.

Sun beams drizzle over me, the human silhouettes by my side start to take form and their chatter begins.

A moment IN TIME

Emotions were slowly surging through my body just like the sun had slowly surged through the sky.

I feel an overwhelmingly joyful concoction flood my veins. My fingertips are tingling. My stomach is bursting with love for everything around me and my heart is bursting with gratitude for being.

It’s a moment that no camera could ever capture and no words could ever explain. It’s a moment that is mine; one I’m sharing with every molecule of life around me.

This is more than existence,  this is more than being.

I’m alive

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