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I’ve been so busy being a tosser, both professionally and in general life, that I haven’t made any time to stop and be still.

Sporadic thoughts have been trying to derail me from the yellow brick road I’ve been building and over the past few days I’ve been giving attention to things I don’t want or need to give attention to. 

My lack of meditation has made me twitchy. My lack of time for exercise has got me full of endolphins that need a good swim. And my lack of sleep has made me knackered…

So yesterday I got home from work and like the overgrown toddler that I am, I had an adorable little nap on the sofa.

A Higher State of Consciousness

Before closing my eyelids, I’d pressed play on a positive “I AM” affirmations talk on Youtube. I woke up three hours later and the post-nap grogginess quickly dissipated when I heard the voice of Wayne Dyer (not related to Danny) talking about how we are infinite spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

My little imp ears pricked up and my eyes widened. He had my full attention.

He was talking about manifestation and how to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

I feel like these are the kind of words that make Lemmings roll their eyes, tut and turn their attention elsewhere. But these are also words that make the curious few and the truth-seeking sages smile.

So if you’re a Lemming, please jump off the cliff here by simply closing the tab.

Curiouser and Curiouser 

I’d rebelled against faith and any sort of religion throughout my entire childhood and teenage years.

I was, and still am, firmly convinced that a faith should not be a hand-me-down thought from the generations above. Faith should be painted on a blank canvas, drawing on personal experience and exploration, rather than a family mandate.

It seems our parents, grandparents and ancestors beyond were conditioned to not question their inherited creed. But Generation Y decided to ask Why…

Apart from remembering that Jainists like to sweep the floor before they walk in order to do their utmost in preserving any molecule of life, I barely remembered anything from Religious Studies at school. It wasn’t until I started Bikram Yoga in Berlin at the age of 24 that I first started dipping my toes in Yogic beliefs and Hinduism. 

In more recent years have doused myself in Buddhism, and although I’ve asked plenty of questions and had zillions of thoughts, my beliefs have remained in an agnostic state of rebellion.

All the theory and all the sutras the world couldn’t convert me…well…not until recently when I experienced things for myself.

Feeling is Believing

The first thing I feel I know to be true, is how the mind and body are intertwined but are not the same thing.

I’ve physically and mentally felt the disconnect – I know what it’s like to want to shed your human body and free your soul. At the same time, I’ve also felt the connection between the two. I’ve witnessed to the impacts of a poisoned mind on the human body and how thoughts manifest themselves in physical ways.

The second thing I feel I know to be true is the law of attraction; like energy attracting like energy.

A few years ago, I was pushed down a helter skelter of negative thoughts at such a speed that I didn’t even realise I was sliding into a dark hole. When I woke from the nightmare I’d been living, I saw what it had done to me, and the world around me…

I was grey. I was a zombie. I was numb. I wasn’t smiling, at least not genuine smiles. I was expecting the worst and I saw no way out. All of this felt so out of character for me. I’d veered so far away from my core self I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was believing in nothing but badness, and that’s exactly what I was getting.

Then, one day, I flipped the switch and I manifested myself out of it.

How to Manifest

These aren’t necessarily spiritual experiences, but they’ve been important foundation-setters for this “spiritual journey” I seem to be on. (I know, so cliché it makes me want to vomit).

But this is exactly what Wayne was talking about – the power of the mind and the energy we give and receive as a result.

He gives thirteen habits to guide you on how to manifest which are basically in line with the law of attraction; Ask, Believe, Receive. 

  1. Believe you are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience
  2. Become the observer of your thoughts
  3. Release your imagination from current limiting circumstances
  4. See your wish as already accomplished
  5. Believe in your own divine power
  6. Remain independent of the good opinion of other people
  7. Reconstruct your I Ams
  8. Be patient and banish doubt
  9. Align yourself with the feeling of the wish fulfilled
  10. Take stock of how natural your dream feels to you
  11. Phrase your intentions as given statements
  12. Choose your reality with love
  13. Know that what you have is already enough

Seeing is Believing 

I feel like I know all of this is true.

I’m 33, single, jobless and homeless. I don’t know where I’ll live or how I will survive after the end of September when I finish volunteering. I know that most people would be having a meltdown round about now, but I’m not.

My thoughts are unquestionably positive, I believe in myself and good things, I picture them happening and they do. My life is being absolutely bombarded by goodness.

I’m walking round with a beaming smile on my face, bursting with excitement. I’m like a big fireball of positive energy, sonic the hedgehogging my way through life and serendipitously colliding with people who mean something.

I’m being headhunted on Linkedin like never before. I’m bumping into people who are offering me work or putting me in touch with people they know in big firms in big cities. I’m being offered little jobs to top up the penny jar left, right and centre. I’m crossing paths with old friends and making new ones.

I just know good things are happening and more is still to come.

Nothing Is Impossible

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