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Fashion Revolution Week 2019

Today is the start of Fashion Revolution Week 2019. It’s a week that marks the six year anniversary of the Rana Plaza Disaster, the fourth largest industrial disaster in history, and the one year anniversary of my foray into conscious consumption.

Fashion Revolution

The Rana Plaza disaster took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where five garment factories, all manufacturing clothing for big global brands, collapsed and 1,138 people lost their lives.

Since then, the Fashion Revolution movement has been bringing people together to create a fashion industry that values people, planet, creativity and profit in equal measure and that positive change starts with transparency, traceability and openness.

The movement has spread worldwide and impacted government policies, trade agreements and business operations worldwide, but possibly the biggest impact they have had is raising awareness amongst consumers.

And last year, on the start of my journey from corporate to conscious, I decided to help out by talking about it on my newly born blog and auctioning off my beloved frocks on eBay.

This year I’ve upped my game a little….

Mindless Mag

Earlier this year I co-founded Mindless Mag, a storytelling platform for conscious fashion which is now four months old and doing exactly as it set out to do:

Raise Awareness

We create space for a conversation that can change the world.

The fashion industry is one of the largest and most vibrant industries in the world, yet it’s polluting our minds and our planet. By publishing daily online content, we’re proactively taking part in raising awareness so that people can understand the size and scale of the issue.

Inspire Action

We curate stories that inspire action.

We don’t offer How To Guides or prescriptions for a more mindful approach to fashion and in our books, there are no real rights or wrongs. People simply share their stories and through the art of conversation, consciousness is deepened and answers arise from within.

Create Community

We bring together a conscious collective.

We cultivate an online and offline community of like-minded souls; readers and writers who believe in fashion for good.

Nurture Talent

We nurture talent.

We provide the tools to develop writing, editing and online content creation skills for aspiring bloggers, writers and journalists – and anybody else looking to explore fashion and communications.

Writing Therapy

We’re big believers in the creative and cathartic qualities of writing. It’s a way to relieve stress, explore your thoughts and express who you are and how you feel.

We’re starting small but our dreams are big and Mindless Mag is one to watch…


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