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Fashion Fraudsters

For a while now I’ve been one of those annoying people who call themselves vegan and I’m totally teetotal too – so basically I’m the last person you think to call up when you’re throwing a party. But I’m alright with that. In fact, I’m not just alright with it – I’m proud.

And I’m also proud of the fact I can call myself an advocate of conscious fashion.

I spent yesterday afternoon with a best friend of mine telling her all about my eye-opening experiences. I talked about Mindless Mag and how my own seismic transformation in mindset can be seen rippling out across the world of fashion.

“But you’re wearing a leather watch, leather shoes and carrying a dead Ugandan cow in the shape of a satchel – surely you can’t call that conscious or vegan?”,  she said.

Fault Finders

There’s something about human nature in that when somebody tries to do something good, our inner Fault Finder works themselves up into a frenzy. Our thoughts get their detective cap on, we grab our metaphorical magnifying glass and go off in search of the flaws.

I’m guilty of it too.  In the past I’ve sniggered at big fast fashion retailers when they release sustainable collections yet continue to focus the other 99% of their business on pedalling fast fashion.

I’ve nitpicked at animal-loving, vegan friends who always wear their favourite leather brogues. 

And I’ve laughed at my yogi friends that spend their weekdays promoting health and wellness but at weekends can be found chain-smoking rollies and shoving white stuff up their noses.

But when we launched Mindless Mag earlier this year I was forced to reconsider my views on conscious fashion by stripping back my judgement and trying to think about what it really means.

Read more here at Mindless Mag.

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