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When I said yesterday that I’m now going to be so super busy that I was going to have to make blogging a Super Sunday treat, I lied.

OK well I didn’t lie, I meant it at the time, but after spending the whole day sulk-facing at the idea of no longer vomiting up the weird and sometimes wonderful contents of my head onto digital paper for people to read, I decided it wasn’t the right move.

You should make time for the people you love and the things you love. So here’s a little something I wrote for a magazine I love…

The Wave of Mindless Consumerism

Since the turn of the 20th century, the fashion industry has been well and truly globalised; production methods have transformed, consumption has soared and utilisation of garments has drastically depleted.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Fast Fashion reached its zenith. Big brands with their outsourced, low cost production bases began to speed up reactivity to catwalk trends and technology has propelled our love for thread even further.

Under the spell of marketing wizardry, we’re continually trying to fulfil this insatiable appetite and we’ve created a wave of mindless consumerism.

Accessibility through low costs and an abundance of styles has boosted our need for newness and we’re topping up our wardrobes at an expedient rate. The built-in obsolescence of Fast Fashion and the speed at which trends are produced has created a careless “throw-away” culture. We’re buying 60% more than we did just 15 years ago and it’s making us greedier than ever. 

It taps into our love for newness, our need for conformity and our desire for self-expression. We choose to focus on the egoistic pleasure of looking good and tend to dismiss the harsh reality of what this self-indulgence is doing to the world around us.

This commercial carnival has been polluting our planet for hundreds of years and finally now it has come under the spotlight. But perhaps just as disturbing is the damage we can’t see with our eyes…do we ever stop to think how fast fashion is polluting our minds?

Read more here at Mindless Mag.

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  1. Fomtriok 30 August 2019

    Funny! I thought about this the other day, and had this daydream about how it (in the dream) had become uncool to buy lot’s of new clothes, and instead the celebrities made it cool to wear old things well – things that don’t age much, or age well… Well, to be honest I’d like that to happen not only in fashion, but in all strata of consumption. It’d be a cooler way of consuming. As I see it, truly cool people aren’t made so by what they wear. It’s the other way around; truly cool clothes are made so by people who wear them with poise.

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