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You may remember I recently attended Tedx Liverpool and my favourite speaker was Mr Bingo.

“dressed like a tosser, swearing unnecessarily and so excited to tell his story he could barely get his words out

My Kind of Hero

At the end of his talk he mentioned you can apply for internships via his website. I turned to my Dad and I raised my eyebrows with that I’ve just had a great idea look strewn across my face.

Given I have absolutely nothing to lose and love the idea of adding more weird and wonderful jobs to my CV, I applied for an internship.

“…not sure if you have an age limit on internships but I’d like to get involved. My skills include typing at the speed of light, being hilarious and scripting intellectual raps.”

Unfortunately, he advised there are no suitable positions available at present, but he did read my post and tweet me about it.

Despite saying I wanted to actually be him when I grow up, the only thing he’d picked up on was the fact I said he was dressed like a tosser – which I still maintain he was, in a good way.

I replied explaining that’s actually a compliment in my eyes, to which he agreed and so I said something like..

“we have so much in common, maybe I should apply for a date”

His next tweet”, and this, in my head, translated as I dare you

So here’s what happened next……….

I can’t work out which feels more weird; swiping yourself left and right into the early onset of arthritis, or emailing a date application to somebody you saw on stage at Glasto for Geeks.

I didn’t want to give him the usual filtered out pouty pose crap but I did want to showcase my best features, obviously while keeping it totally classy.

So I sent him this:

So….off I go on another bizarre little excursion, this time to meet an ankle-sock loving fellow idiot who sends abusive postcards strangers for a living.


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  1. Derek Rowe 30 June 2018

    You are bonkers. Keep it up.

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