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I think I might have just won the Lottery of Life.

A trillion microscopic moments of Coincidence or Fate are leading me to Thailand’s paradise isle.

If it wasn’t for that feeling, for him, or her, or that book, or that conversation at that exact moment,  I wouldn’t have sent my application, but I did.

I submitted it late on Friday evening – a copy of my CV, along with some sample writing and answers to questions about why I want to be considered. Twelve hours later I get a reply saying I’ve made it to round two.

I was then given a writing task of 750 words in English with the title “Do I have what it takes to be a writer?” and four subheadings; 1) Do you have a passion for writing, 2) Are you able to learn from feedback, 3) Can you change and adapt and 4) Will you put in the time and work.

So I got to work on Jotter’s Journey, taking full advantage of the broad parameters, an instruction to get creative and my natural flair for fairy-tale. The words flowed from my finger tips at speed and the following morning after a few re-reads, I pressed send.

Content Castle

I had that feeling in my stomach again. It wasn’t nerves,  it was excitement – I knew it was going to be a YES.

So on January 15th 2019, seven days after my first article goes live on WhichPLM and two days before my 34th Birthday, I’ll be heading to the beautiful island of Koh Samui for three months at the Content Castle.

Ninety days alongside five or six fellow writers, in a castle-shaped house that overlooks white sands and turquoise waters.

For $200, which works out at about £50 a month, and a commitment to 7,500 words per week, I’ll be getting myself some real world editing experience and taking part in specialist workshops on how to write.

I’ll have a bedroom to myself, home cooked meals and a guaranteed roof over my head until the middle of April.

Once again, Jackpot.

Literary Crack

My current housemates are getting a little bit concerned about my addiction to writing,  and rightly so.

After spending a number of days together consecutively we all took Sunday as a Time Out. Sam was teaching English and Nads was off sketching Pokemon characters.

With neck injuries resulting from my latest Thai massage, I decided to just lay by the pool all day reading my latest book – Sakura: Coincidence or Fate before typing up some content for my own.

Sam came home at seven o’clock on Sunday evening and she must have been in the house a good half an hour before she noticed I was there, in the corner of the upstairs living room, lying on our black and white chaise longue in the dark.

The blue lights of my laptop were lighting up my singed face and wild sundried curls. I looked like Magda from Something About Mary but instead of speed-vacuuming, I was typing out at one billion words per minute with bulged eyes fixated on the screen.

She looked at me with that “what is wrong with you?” type of look. It was the one my old Tier One Colleagues would give me daily, especially Uncle Mike with his famous Face Of Contempt, and the fond memories brought a simple smile to my face. Then Sam and I both broke down into absolute fits of laughter.

My name’s Laurie and I’m a Bloggaholic, writing is my crack and Content Castle is a the crackden of my dreams.


The moments of Coincidence, or Fate leading up to this moment had started to appear a week earlier as I was talking to my Guru in Hong Kong.

He was trying his best to fathom how one minute my plans were taking me to Chiang Mai, Mumbai and Nepal to the next minute agreeing to a two week stint in Yangon helping out at an Amber Museum with a man called Roger.

“Why are you doing all of these bizarre jobs with bizarre people? Why don’t you just go to a beautiful island like Koh Samui or somewhere like that and focus on what you love – your writing?”

He had a point, a very good point – as usual – but my pockets are nearly empty and so volunteering was what I needed to do to get by. Until this moment when everything changed:

…it was his book that I had in my hands, sat there on the bean bag when Sam walked in and asked what I was reading. “It’s a book about travelling and serendipity”, I said, “Lao’s answer to The Beach“.

She paused to ponder.

“Beach and books…beach and books…beach and books…oh I KNEW there was something I wanted to show you… you should apply for this writing retreat at Content Castle”….

Coincidence OR Fate?
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  1. Mike Neilio 5 December 2018

    Congratulations! Voting for coincidence AND fate.

  2. Rae 7 December 2018

    Voting for…. I don’t have to choose! Its all amazing so why worry?! Go you! All those ‘lols’ heading your way.

    • allmyheroesareweirdos 7 December 2018 — Post author

      Exactly! Coincidence and Fate! Where are you and Tilly now? X

  3. Go Jules Go 26 January 2019

    TALK ABOUT FATE – I saw in my inbox this morning a new follower (THANK YOU!) and thought, “Wow that sounds like a cool blog” and started reading your latest post, which then led me to this one… my sister and I were just talking about Thailand last night in the context of embarking on our dream lives …And, so, YES. Synchronicities are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?! I got chills reading this. Am so excited to follow the adventures of a kindred spirit! 🙂

    • allmyheroesareweirdos 27 January 2019 — Post author

      Paths crossing, stars colliding. This is an incredible opportunity for writers to spend three months on a paradise island, live with other writers and get really good, professional and creative experience. I’d totally recommend… so if you’re interested I can send you some more info!

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