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She made it to ninety seven.

If she’d held on just three more years she could have got a telegram from the Queen – but I guess who wants one of those anyway. The Idol, my Grandma, has closed her eyes for the last time.

Love & Lyrics

It doesn’t really matter how much you want it for somebody, how ready you are for it to happen, or even how happy you feel for them; as their soul floats away, your heart still breaks.

Tears flood down your face as a thousand happy memories flood your thoughts. And somewhere in the empty space between them echo the last words they ever said to you. Round and round and round they go, as you hold on tight to the sonant souvenirs they left you with.

As I stood there barefoot on my roof terrace under the Koh Samui stars, I savoured every sentence, knowing these would be our last.

High as a kite on morphine and barely able to breathe in enough oxygen to fill half a lung, she still managed to hop into that mind-boggling time machine of hers, the one that’s in her head, and transport us both back to 1993.

Look For Me In Rainbows

“Colours”, she said.

“Do you remember that poem you wrote when you were little? It was called Colours. I loved that poem. That was a marvellous poem. I still have that poem somewhere… yes, Colours it was called”.

I bit my lips and held back the tears as she repeated it in her croaky voice, three times over. “Colours…”, she said, “Colours”, “I loved your poem called Colours”.

I have no idea why that poem came into her thoughts at that moment, but it did – and I was right there with her, back in 1993.

I was pressing my pencil down hard onto the paper, making huge round ‘a’s and ‘e’s with my led-filled magic wand as I sat there cross-legged on her living room floor. I was feeling the texture of the thick white paper I was writing on.

I was sat there with her, and my world was full of colours.


Yellow makes me feel good
It’s the colour of the sun
It’s how I feel inside my head
When all my work is done
Floating in a bath of green
My troubles float away
It’s just like lying in the grass
And smelling new mown hay
When my mind is filled with blue
I always wear a frown
Because I’m tired and grumpy
It always brings me down
When I’m lying in my bed
Purple comes to mind
It’s my favourite colour
It is the nicest kind
With anger flashing in my eyes
Red means I’m annoyed
Don’t come near me in this mood
Or you will be destroyed!
These lovely colours I have found
Sometimes join as one
To give me multi-coloured days
And make my life more fun

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  1. Mindless 11 February 2019

    The Idol leaves a lasting legacy in her family who she adored more than life itself. God bless

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