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Ciutadella Treasure Hunt

Today at 10am I will update this post with the first clue of my Treasure Hunt / Búsqueda del tesoro in the beautiful old town of Ciutadella.

The prize is my lovely bicycle – a women’s Carrera Crossfire 2 – that is less than two years old. It’s something I love with all of my heart and will be sad to say goodbye to, so I really hope it finds a loving new home.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

I have been cycling around on two wheels ever since I can remember. A bicycle for a child symbolises freedom; you can pedal away from parental supervision and explore the world around you with what feels like true indepdence; it’s just you and the teddy bears in your basket against the world.

I never lost that childlike excitement. In fact, if I’m ever asked the question when are you most happy? I can answer within an instant; it’s on a bicycle, cycling somewhere new and surrounded by greenery.

So that’s what I’ve been doing here in Menorca for the last six weeks – exploring the island on two wheels.

I’ve visited Fornells, Cala de Cavalleria, Arenal d’en Castell, Son Parc, Son Bou, Santo Tomas, Mao, Son Grau, Albufera, Alaior, Es Mercadal, Ferreries and everywhere in between. Two thousand kilometres and one flat tyre later, I’m completely besotted with this paradise island.

I love its gravel tracks that lead to nowhere, its scary guard dogs and its beautiful camis, I love its secluded beach coves, its turquoise waters and its never ending fields. I love that it feels safe no matter what time of day it is. I love that everybody makes you feel at home with a big smile and a friendly bon dia.

Pay It Forward

I’m soon to be boarding a one-way flight to Chiang Mai, so I no longer need my beloved two wheels.

I could have sold my bicycle to make some money for my next adventure, but after the kindness of Alejandra, I was really inspired to Pay It Forward.

So here it is. My treasure hunt for the people of Ciutadella…

How it works / Cómo funciona

DATE: Saturday 22nd September / Sábado 22 we septiembre

TIME: 10am

PLACE: Ciutadella / Ciudadela

PRIZE: A bicycle that is locked up outside Catedral de Santa María de Ciudadela

PREMIO: Una bicycleta que está encerrada afuera de la Catedral de Santa Maria de Ciudadela

FIRST CLUE / PRIMERA PISTA:“Here we fought until death for our religion and our country in the year 1558”

HOW IT WORKS: There are four further clues located around the old town of Ciutadella. Each clue is written on a small card and has a number. Remember each number in order as it will help you solve the final clue and locate the key.

COMO FUNCIONA: Hay otras cuatro pistas ubicadas alrededor del c asco antiguo de Ciutadella. Cada pista está escrita en una tarjeta pequeña y tiene un número. Recuerde cada número en orden ya que le ayudará a resolver la pista final y localizar la clave


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Good luck! Buena Suerte!


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