Dopamine Junkie | Storyteller | Transformation Artist

In April 2018, following a series of serendipitous moments, Laurie decided
to press the pause button on life.

She left her job behind and went in search of real purpose; her intuition became Director of Decision-Making and she promoted Fate to CEO of Life. She spent a few months volunteering at a monastery in the Balearic Isles before following her inner compass around South East Asia. 

It was a life-changing journey from corporate to conscious and one that began with this blog.

Writing became her therapy, her brain drain; it was a creative and cathartic way of working out who she was and who she wanted to be.  

Today, Laurie is busy designing her destiny.

She’s an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart-centred approach to her hustle and her ambition to power business for good is backed by a career that spans over ten years at some of the world’s leading Fashion and Retail businesses. 

She’s founded Consciously Curated, a business transformation collective providing specialist consulting and coaching services and she’s also co-founded Mindless Mag, a storytelling platform for conscious fashion.

And when she’s not hustling, she’s hosting writing workshops, giving talks, penning out her first book and recording a soon-to-be-launched podcast series called The Heart-Centred Hustle – with lots of yoga and meditation in between.

Every single day she’s focused on ‘doing good stuff to be a better me’.