Dopamine Junkie | Storyteller| Conscious Consumer

Conscious Lifestyle Blogger, Founder of Consciously Curated and
Mindless Mag, Laurie can be found wandering and wordsmithing her way around the world.

She keeps herself busy with aforementioned Hustles, plenty of outdoor adventures, a never-ending quest for self-discovery and daily attempts to live a more and more conscious life.

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Her Story

Laurie was a self-confessed Dopamine Junkie, high on her own mindlessness.

She spent ten years working for well-known global brands in positions spanning all aspects of business operations, strategy and transformation. For a long time she was making money to squander, carelessly consuming things she didn’t need and building up an eclectic wardrobe collection large enough to clothe a small country.

A series of serendipitous moments led her here, to some sort of conscious awakening and Destiny handed her a blank canvas. Her stomach became Director of Decision-Making and she promoted Fate to the CEO of Life.

This blog was where she scribbled it all down – her journey from corporate to conscious. 

Nobody knew how much it meant to her. Writing became her therapy, her brain drain; it’s how she explores her thoughts, her feelings, who she was, who she is and who she wants to be.

Every day she’s reaching new levels of consciousness, loving life more than life itself and meeting all sorts of Heroes along the way.

It’s all about doing good stuff to be a better me