Coffee Shakes & Heart Aches

Oh I hate break-ups.

I wish once you’ve decided you are breaking up with somebody you could (at least temporarily) ship them off to Planet Ex until your heart has healed and you feel moderately sane again.

I’ve had three real break ups in my life so far… The first two were heartbreaking in the way that your heart fractures when a loved one dies. It’s a big crack, it hurts a lot, but you know deep down that you just have to grieve it out of your system and time will be a healer.

Yesterday I said the real and final goodbye to number three and it is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. We are still completely in love.  We adore each other from head to toe and inside out. Neither of us want it to end, but it feels like it has to…

Parting is all we know of Heaven and all we need know of Hell

~ Emily Dickinson

This is a pain I just don’t understand. Real gut-wrenching, heart-crumbling, mind-fucking Love. A Heartache that feels like ten thousand knives to the stomach. A Heartache that wakes you up to black stormy skies in the middle of summer. A wound that feels like it will never truly heal.

I am a Leper of Love.



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