My names LS and I’m a Bagelaholic.

bagelMy ninth visit in half as many weeks and I find myself sitting outside The Bagelry on a Saturday morning, waiting for the clock to tick half past nine, for the cute little OPEN sign to be hung on the charcoal door and for the blinds to roll up.

It feels borderline creepy. I look like an out of control addict. I am one. And actually, I don’t care one little tiny bit ~ these bagels are to die for.

bagelI’ve had the Bagelry Breakfast Bagel every single visit and I never get bored. It’s a deliciously vegetarian concoction of Beef Tomato, Portobello Mushroom, free range Poached Egg (always poached to perfection), sprinkled with organic Cheddar Cheese and Sauerkraut and hugged by a freshly baked Poppyseed Bagel.

Caffeine cravings are completely satisfied with a choice of Kenyan, Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffee blends, all with deliciously unique flavours served in a very cute little coffee pot. I tend to finish off with a splash of fizz to flush the poppyseeds out from inbetween my teeth in the form of a sparkling Rhubarb and Apple drink.

With the late morning light shining on through the steamed up windows and a soundtrack flowing from hip-shaking Reggae to head-bopping Funk, this is the perfect start to any day.

The Bagelry Liverpool

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