I Hear Voices

“According to Afghan matchmakers, the voice is more than half of Love” ~Shantaram

I want to explore the truth in this pretty bold statement. The voice definitely plays a role in romantic attraction, but is it really half of Love?

From my own experience, two scenarios instantly jump out at me. I’ll start with the hideous one. And like all true modern stories of love, it started with a Tinder swipe.

I swiped right for his Caleb from KOL hair, his bicycle and his bobble hat. We were pen pals for about two weeks exchanging songs and salespitches over WhatsApp before the initial meet.

He had come straight from work and was still wearing his lanyard, his hair needed a good wash, he was nowhere near as tall or athletic as he’d made out and the HelloHug/CheekKiss greeting thing was awkward as hell. But aesthetics aside, it was the high-pitched squeaky voice that really broke the deal for me, and I knew within the first syllable this wasn’t going to go any further.

My second example is quite the opposite and the voice in question belongs to an Object of Infatuation.

It’s a Southern voice which feels borderline exotic now that I’m living back in Liverpool. It’s delivered at least 10 decibels over the human voice average of 60. It’s bold and confident and commands attention. The appeal is multiplied tenfold by the intelligence that backs it up but even if it was expelling utterances of gibberish, any audience would nod in agreement. It’s deep and manly  with an air of protection but softens and lightens when expressing emotion. It’s a little bit intriguing…

Am I In Love with a voice? Maybe. But is the voice half of love? Neither of the above scenarios could possibly answer that.

I’d say I’ve been In Love three times in my life and In Lust, perhaps only two or three times more. In Love and Lust alike, the sensations that create our magnetic pull towards another Human can be so tightly intertwined that it’s difficult to tell what they’re made of.

Next time I’m In Love I’ll let you know….


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