Imagine you are 100 years old and on your death bed with one minute left to live. Your great-great-grandchild asks, “Before you die, tell me what I should do with my life?”

See The World.

Not only is Wanderlust one of the greatest linguistic thefts of all time, it also lines my stomach. I don’t like to sit still, I get bored easily and I love adventures, but most importantly – I know that there is an incredibly fascinating world out there and I have a limited time on Earth to see it.

I’m not proclaiming to be the world’s greatest traveler, I’ve only just about ticked off a visit to my fourth continent. But there are places to see and billions of lives that could collide with my own at any given moment….

….so I’m going to keep on travelling the world my way, and I’d like to share these adventures with All My Heroes, whoever you may be…..